2010’s Annual Review of the values, attitudes and aspirations of the British public explored the citizen’s perspective on engagement against a context of significant social and political change. The results of our annual trends survey were combined with a qualitative exploration into what is driving citizens’ attitudes and behaviours. Drawing on the findings of our research programme, we presented their responses to the opportunities and challenges presented by the new public service delivery landscape:

How Big is Society?

  • Where do our personal responsibilities lie?
  • How and why do people engage with their communities?
  • What is driving community behaviour?
  • What does this mean for policymakers?


Dr Michelle Harrison, CEOKantar Public, Chair – IIPS
Alex Oliver, Director – The Futures Company, Head of Service Transformation – IIPS


Eric Salama, CEO – Kantar Group
Mark Lund, Cheif Executive – COI

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