Kantar Public research played a key role behind three of the top-award-winning campaigns in the 2013 Scottish Marketing Society’s Star Awards.

The Edinburgh office of TNS carried out research for three Scottish Government behaviour change projects:

  • “Let’s Talk about Breasts” won 5 awards including Gold in the Social Marketing, Advertising and Marketing Planning categories
  • “Greener Scotland” won Gold in The Greener Marketing Award
  • “The Humble Household Bin” won Silver in the Social Marketing category

In addition, the “Full of the Joys of Highland Spring” campaign for the bottled water brand – also based on TNS research insights – won Silver in the Business Development category.

“The best research insight empowers the best marketing,” said Katherine McIsaac, Quantitative Director, “We are delighted to have provided the research groundwork on which talented creative and marketing professionals have built these really great campaigns.”

McIsaac continues: “In particular, TNS has a long and fruitful partnership with the Scottish Government in helping to develop various campaigns with them – across public health, road safety, green issues and community safety and work to ensure that Behaviour Change analysis is at the heart of all their communications.”

Gerry Harrison, Qualitative Director said “We congratulate the Scottish Government marketing team’s success and look forward to working with them on more interesting and valuable campaigns over the next year.”

Let’s Talk About Breasts: TNS carried out the qualitative and quantitative research for this high-profile campaign, which included pictures of real-life breasts with early symptoms of breast cancer. This was a first for British TV advertising, and the Leith Agency had to seek special clearance for it to be shown. It featured the actor Elaine C. Smith, who lost her mother to the disease, and led to a 50% increase in the number of women consulting their GPs about potential breast cancer symptoms. The New Zealand Breast Cancer Association was so impressed that it asked to be allowed to use the imagery for its own campaign.

Greener Scotland: TNS also carried out the qualitative and quantitative research for this innovative campaign approach to influence a range of Greener behaviours. The campaign boosted individual, tactical greener activity, increased website traffic and prompted significant changes to audience behaviours.

The Humble Household Bin: TNS carried out ethnographic exploratory work on this as well as creative development and quant evaluation. The campaign, which featured a cheery bin, put the need to combat food waste onto people’s agendas and delivered a 20% shift in people keeping food waste out of landfill.

Full of the Joys of Highland Spring: TNS carried out quantitative research to evaluate the performance of this new 2012 campaign. The campaign produced a 9.2% increase in total UK sales volume and the brand contributed 35% of the growth of the entire category. Its market share rose from 12.9% to 13.4%.

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