London, 24 June – Further analysis from the TNS Election Day Voter Panel shows which campaign messages resonated with Leave and Remain voters.

'Remain' voters
The key issues for our qualitative panel who voted to Remain focused primarily on the Economy, the risk of uncertainty of an Exit, and a 'rejection' of the campaigning messages of  Leave.

The issues of the uncertainty of leaving the EU and the economic benefits were found to be the most compelling for Remain supporters. Indeed several of our Panel used the phrase 'better the devil you know'.

“If we choose to leave we don't know what is going to happen to the economy”

“I think in general it's good for jobs, it's good for business and I definitely think that remaining in the EU is the sensible choice to make.”

One additional issue, more of an emotional factor, described by the Remain voters, was that of 'better together' and the instinct that they - and their children - would be better in a Union than alone. 

“Without Europe, we're just a country, we're just an island. With Europe, we're global”

“So I've just voted in the EU referendum and I voted to remain and the reason I voted remain is because I think that we're stronger when we stay together."

Remain supporters who expressed distaste for the Leave campaign particularly disliked the anti-immigration message.

“Frankly, I look at the people I admire, and Nigel Farage is not somebody I admire.”

“I think Brexit have been fear mongering, they haven't used facts. They blamed immigration, which we know it’s actually beneficial to the country”

'Leave' voters
Leave voters described a number of motives for their vote, primarily immigration, sovereignty and judicial control (taking 'back control'), the cost of membership of the EU, and a feeling that public services would function better if we were to leave the European Union.

Among Leave voters, messages relating to immigration and judicial control/sovereignty were equally salient.

“I voted to leave the EU. Migration is a huge problem. As services are stretched, the NHS is almost broken.GP's are leaving the country. GP surgeries are closing.”

“I want this country back to being great, as it used to be, and not ruled by people that we haven't elected in, in another country, who are never going to have our best interests at heart.”

"I voted leave because I'm sick of the European union having a say on what England does. England is a strong country, We need our own rules and regulations and we don't need to be burdened by anybody else."

Leave supporters on the TNS Election Day Panel also cited the cost of EU membership as a significant factor in their voting choice.

“I have voted and I voted to leave the EU. I believe we pay them far too much money and we get very little back." 

Notes to Editors
Kantar’s TNS have conducted qualitative research with an Election Day Voter Panel of 200 voters from across the UK. The panel consists of people who intend to vote in the election. Two stages of research were undertaken, with panellists being asked to submit video vox pops at both stages:

1.    In the days leading up to the referendum the panel was asked how they intended to vote and why

2.    On Thursday 23rd June, polling day, the panel were asked how they voted and why. So far 154 panellists have told us how they voted today.
This study provides insight in to the sentiment of how people are voting and why, and, by comparing responses before election day to those given on the day, will provide evidence of people changing their minds in terms of how they intended to vote vs. how they actually voted, and what led to them changing their minds.

For further information, please contact Sarah Green, Communications Consultant, +44 (0)7767 008 178

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