Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Michelle Harrison will be speaking at the Westminster Food and Nutrition forum on Developing evidence-based obesity policy: what role for personal responsibility?

_What does the drive for ‘evidence?based’ policy?making mean for obesity prevention? Considering the evidence, to what extent can obesity
be explained by personal over-indulgence, and to what extent is the typical modern lifestyle and environment responsible? How should the
causes of obesity be used to inform policy? What would ‘evidence-based’ obesity policy look like? How do different approaches to
preventing obesity compare in terms of cost and value for money? How should they be evaluated? Following the announcement that the
Government will scale back funding of the Change4Life scheme, what changes will be seen? What potential is there to extend the scope of
the Change4Life scheme, and also to engage a wider range of partners in the scheme? How should private partners be involved in
delivering Change4Life?_

Michelle will be joined by:

  • Paul Lincoln, Chief Executive, National Heart Forum
  • Christine Haigh, Co?ordinator, Children’s Food Campaign
  • Dr Geof Rayner, Visiting Research Fellow, City University London
  • Melanie Leech, Director General, Food and Drink Federation

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