Kantar Public has expanded its qualitative practice with a number of new senior level appointments, after a strong year of continued growth. The qualitative practice, which emerged from the world famous Mass Observation after it integrated into BMRB in the 1970s, has been a leading provider of social research to Whitehall for many decades. In recent years it has added to this capability with a Communications Research division, and a Public Insight team.

Joining the practice in senior roles are: Caitlin Connors (formerly Define), Daniel Clay (formerly EdComs), and Marita Kendrick (formerly Australian Department of Health & Ageing). Strengthening the team further are Marina Gkiza and Jason Archer, who have joined as Research Executives. The new joiners strengthen TNS BMRB’s capacity to provide digital, ethnographic and visual methods research solutions to their clients.

Desiree Lopez, Head of Qualitative Research at Kantar Public comments: ‘I am thrilled with the growth we have experienced in the last year – building on a solid qualitative practice within Kantar Public and alongside qualitative growth across TNS. We have hired a fantastic set of researchers who bring new skills and experience to our practice alongside important government social research expertise. We have also been able to recognise the internal talent we have in the qualitative practice, through a number of internal promotions. I look forward to our continued growth and expansion into new methodological specialisms.’

Dr. Michelle Harrison, who heads up Kantar Public, comments: ‘In our 80th year, I am delighted to see that the methodological rigour and capacity for innovation that has kept Kantar Public at the front of the industry for all these years, continues to propel growth for us. I congratulate Desiree and her team on another great year.’

BMRB is currently celebrating its 80th birthday with the Autumn Methods Series – a number of events exploring the future of research methods. For all the latest, follow Kantar Public & CEO Michelle Harrison on Twitter.

About Kantar Public
Kantar Public is a leading provider of specialist social research, offering insight into public policy to government and not-for-profit clients. Delivering a range of approaches including bespoke proprietary research and consultancy, random probability survey capabilities, as well as social marketing and polling, our work informs policy makers across national and local Government at the highest level. Kantar Public forms part of the Kantar group of companies.

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