• 62% of women feel that the economy is in a worse state than it was 12 months ago, compared to 54% of men
  • Only 8% of women think the economy will improve, contrasted with 12% of men

The challenging economic situation is impacting women to a greater extent than men according to the January edition of TNS-BMRB’s Public Opinion monitor. Overall women are more negative in a range of measures pertaining to the state of the economy and in their attitudes towards income, job security and personal spending.

TNS-BMRB’s monthly Public Opinion Monitor looks at key questions of importance for the British public, as well as voting intentions.
When questioned about the state of the British Economy, 62% of women felt that it is in a worse state than 12 months ago compared to 54% of men. This gender difference is also seen in the economic outlook for the next 12 months. Only 8% of women think the economy will get better compared to 12% of men.

This gloomy perspective amongst women is further highlighted in expectations for personal income. Only 16% of women expect an increase in personal income over the next 12 months compared to 26% of men.

Job insecurity remains high for all groups; however women under 35 have the lowest levels of confidence. 48% of women under 35 feel less secure in their jobs than they did 12 months ago, a significant disparity with the 36% of males in the same age group.
With low job security, low expectations of personal income increase and low confidence in Britain’s economy, it’s unsurprising that women are more likely than men to save rather than spend any increase in their income. 81% of women would use an increase in income to increase savings, pensions or pay off debt, while only 75% of men would do the same.

Kantar Public CEO Michelle Harrison commented on the findings, stating “It is understandable that women are even more anxious about the state of the economy than men. They are less secure financially, and they are more likely to be responsible for budgeting and running the household affairs.”

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Notes to editors:

In an ongoing series, TNS’ monthly Public Opinion Monitor looks at key questions of importance for British People.
Kantar Public interviewed a representative sample of 1,205 people.

All interviews were conducted as online self-completion. The data is weighted twice, firstly to match population totals for age, sex, social grade, working status, presence of children, 2005 voting patterns, constituency type, and region, and secondly, for voting intention questions only, an additional ‘likelihood-to-vote’ weight has been applied. Further information is available on request.

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