Priorities for public services

Over the course of the year we have been exploring people’s priorities for public services, looking at the services the public would least like to see cuts in and how they believe they should be funded. The results of this study were used as the basis for an article on eGov monitor which you can read here(). Here is a summary of the top line results.

Amongst public services, increases in waiting times for serious operations was identified by most as the cut they would least like to see. However, this was still less than one in five respondents (18%) and in fact, nearly all services have their supporters.

Which service would you least like to see cuts in?

Increases in local hospital waiting times for serious ops 18%
Spending on local schools 15%
GP services in your local area 13%
Number of police on the beat in your area 11%
Services for elderly people 11%
Support to help unemployed get work 8%
Services for disabled people 8%
Childcare support for working parents 6%
Less frequent rubbish collection and street cleaning 6%
Public transport in and near your area 5%

Base (1,008)

When asked whether certain public services should be the ‘government’s’, the ‘individual’s’ responsibility or a ‘shared responsibility’, the majority cited obesity related and smoking illnesses as the ‘individual’s’ responsibility. However, birth control and childcare benefits were deemed to be ‘shared’ responsibilities.

Our findings show that while there is no clear steer from the public as to where cuts should be focused, there is a growing acceptance of the need for individuals to accept some of the responsibilities for paying for some areas of public services.

For the mini-report which looks into the results of this study in more detail, please click the link below.

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