Kantar Public CEO Michelle Harrison will be presenting ‘Formative research and the execution cycle’ during the Behavioural Research Techniques slot at the Ogilvy Labs Behavioural Change Day.

The Ogilvy Labs Behaviour Change Day 2014 will take a look into the deeper recesses of the brain to uncover some of the secrets of human behaviour, focussing on the vast leaps being made in behavioural psychology and neuroscience, and what these new discoveries mean for the communications industry. The session will also take a look at the next practical steps brands can take to benefit from the insights being unearthed by behavioural economics, featuring some examples of how Ogilvy’s Rory Sutherland, Jez Groom and others have already been busy applying behavioural economics to affect the way customers behave.

For information on the full agenda click here.

Date: Friday 14th February, 2014
Time: 9.45am – 5pm