Even as recently as five years ago, it would have been hard to imagine the scale at which smartphone usage has proliferated. TNS Mobile Life data shows that two-thirds of the UK population already own a smartphone, and penetration is just as staggering in world regions such as China and North America where ownership currently stands at 60%.

From a market research perspective, the explosion has changed everything. Consumers are now able to detail their precise emotions at the specific moment they make a purchase decision with the aid of a tool that is far more personal than traditional research methods- a majority of the 38,000 people sampled worldwide for TNS Mobile Life went as far as to agree that their mobile is “an extension of me – I feel lost without it”.

The benefits of mobile in helping us get to the individual truth can be summed up as three Rs: relevance, reach and reality. For more information on mobile’s transformative effect, read this article by TNS UK’s Will Goodhand in ‘Marketing Magazine’.

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