A new poll by Kantar Public finds that:

  • A majority of Britons want a referendum on EU membership
  • Labour and Lib-Dem supporters are warming to idea of Lib-Lab coalition
  • Conservative support falls one point, and trail Labour by 3%

David Cameron’s hard line in EU negotiations appears to have chimed with the public mood according to TNS-BMRB’s monthly Public Opinion Monitor. In their latest polling, 57% of the UK population were found to be in favour of an in-out referendum on Europe, compared to 22% against. Only 20% feel the EU is good for Britain, with 31% neutral and 35% seeing the EU as bad for Britain.

With the Eurozone crisis showing no signs of abating, further polling showed that 64% of Briton’s are worried for the future of the economy if a member of the Euro has to leave the currency. Only 6% of the public feel the collapse of the Eurozone would have no impact on the UK.
TNS-BMRB’s monthly Public Opinion Monitor looks at voting intentions, as well as key questions of importance for the British public. The latest voting intentions data shows Labour continuing to hold their three point lead over the Conservatives from the 28 November poll. Both Labour and the Conservatives dropped one point, with the Liberal Democrats gaining two (LAB 38%(-1), CON 35%(-1), LDEM 11%(+2), OTHERS 15%(-1)).

Supporters of the three main parties were asked which, if any, of the other main parties they would be willing to form a coalition with in the event of another hung parliament. In just two months there has been a significant shift in Labour and Liberal Democrat supporters’ attitudes to the other party.

Less than half (44 ) of Labour supporters would now prefer opposition to a coalition with either other main party, down from 52 in October. 33% would back a coalition with the Lib Dems, up from 25%. In October, more Lib-Dem supporters preferred a coalition with the Conservatives to Labour (30% cf. 23%). Now equal numbers of Liberal Democrat voters would back a coalition with Labour or the Conservatives (29% for both).

Kantar Public Chief Executive, Michelle Harrison, commented on the findings, stating: “Our research shows a clear majority of Briton’s want a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU and with only a minority believing that membership is good for Britain it appears we are becoming increasingly Eurosceptic as a nation.”

Harrison continued, “It is particularly interesting that, given current tensions within the coalition, Labour and Liberal Democrat supporters appear to be warming to the idea of a so-called Lib-Lab pact.”

TNS-BMRB’s Chief Executive Michelle Harrison is available to provide expert comment on this data should you require it. To arrange a briefing or if you would like more information about TNS-BMRB’s Public Opinion Monitor, please contact Alastair McCormick of MSL London on 020 7878 3137.

Notes to editors:

In an ongoing series, TNS’ monthly Public Opinion Monitor looks at key questions of importance for British People.

Kantar Public interviewed a representative sample of 1,231 adults aged 18+ living in Great Britain.

All interviews were conducted as online self-completion. The data is weighted twice, firstly to match population totals for age, sex, social grade, working status, presence of children, 2005 voting patterns, constituency type, and region, and secondly, for voting intention questions only, an additional ‘likelihood-to-vote’ weight has been applied.


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