The IIPS held a breakfast briefing to consider how we can influence and change one of the most significant public health issues in Scotland today. Through new research, we used the example of Scotland’s problematic drinking culture to bring to life behaviour change theory, and examine the possible effects of minimum pricing.

At this event, we were joined by Dr Bruce Ritson who responded to our presentation, in which we:

  1. Considered the culture of drinking in Scotland, reflecting on the current strategy for behaviour change,
  2. Presented the findings of new research into attitudes towards minimum pricing and examine the reported effect this may have on drinking behaviour,
  3. Reviewed research into attitudes towards alcohol, setting this in the wider context, highlighting areas in which we can further influence a change in behaviour.

Pat Macleod, Kantar Public

Dr Bruce Ritson, Chair, SHAAP

Dr Michelle Harrison, CEO, Kantar Public

To download the slides, please click the link below.

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