The IIPS launched in Scotland on 17th March 2010 with its first look at ‘What the Citizen Wants’ from a Scottish perspective. IIPS Chair Dr. Michelle Harrison, and Chris Eynon, Head of Kantar Public in Scotland, shared new IIPS research into the public’s expectations of public service delivery in Britain today to see whether Scotland was any different from the rest of the country. This included:

  • Public priorities for service delivery in an era of cuts;
  • Levels of trust in parliamentary and Government figures;
  • Citizens’ views on local versus national decision making;
  • Whether the Scottish are different to the rest of Britain in these attitudes;
  • The implications of these findings for public service providers and policy makers.

Michelle Harrison, Chair IIPS, CEO, Kantar Public
Chris Eynon, Head of Kantar Public Scotland

Angiolina Foster, Director of Strategy and Ministerial Support, Scottish Government

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