This autumn, leading social research agency Kantar Public celebrates its 80th birthday by looking ahead at some of the key opportunities and threats facing research in the current environment.

Of all the great technology-based innovations, it is the mobile device that has had the biggest impact in the shortest space of time. Smartphone ownership continues to rise, and this new dynamic permeates every aspect of modern life, with research being no exception.

In the third and last of our seminars this autumn, we explore how disruptive a force mobile is – to what extent it will affect, benefit or even harm social research? We’ll look at ways that mobile is changing current practice, even where the research strategy is not explicitly mobile and we’ll draw on examples where research tools which are designed with mobile devices in mind can complement our existing capabilities or could do so in the future.

During the breakfast seminar:

  • Simon Falconer, Innovation Platform Director at TNS Global, will share his understanding of the digital and consumer landscape, describing how mobile is growing, how it is changing the way people communicate, and the impact this is having. Simon will draw on his commercial experience and demystify some of the technological issues relevant to mobile research.
  • Carli Lessof, Director of Development for Kantar Public will set out a range of ways that mobile could benefit social research, drawing on examples from TNS BMRB’s own work and discussing some of the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches.

As you’d expect, we’ll explore the opportunities that mobile research brings enthusiastically, but with a keen, pragmatic eye on questions that remain unanswered. We’ll also touch on some of the experimental evidence we’re gathering which will help us support commissioners in making the best decisions about what mobile research can offer, how it should be implemented successfully, and what its limitations are.

Simon Falconer, Innovation Platform Director, TNS Global
Carli Lessof, Director of Development, Kantar Public

Morning programme:
8.00am – Light breakfast and refreshments available
8.30am – Presentation followed by a roundtable discussion
10.00am – Continue the conversation over coffee and refreshments.

Kantar Public – 3rd Floor, 6 More London Place, London, UK SE1 2QY
Wednesday, 20th November, 8:30am – 10am

*Spaces are limited, please RSVP* by 17th November.