This autumn, leading social research agency Kantar Public celebrates its 80th birthday by looking ahead at some of the key opportunities and threats facing research in the current environment. Across three seminar sessions, the Kantar Public Methods Series will explore a number of areas:

  • The important role that method can play both as the building block of high quality and robust results, and as a means of driving value
  • What new technologies can offer and what we can learn from our commercial and international counterparts to deliver great research
  • How we can deliver more powerful insights and persuasive interpretations of the data

We look forward to welcoming you at these sessions, details of which can be found below.

As the government transitions to ‘digital by default’, we explore how far we can protect quality while reducing costs by moving cross-sectional surveys online. This is a challenge for social research given the importance of accurately representing the population’s views and experiences.

  • During the breakfast seminar, Joel Williams, Kantar Public Head of Survey Methods, will share experimental evidence carried out by Kantar Public, in which innovative approaches have been used to incorporate online methods into survey research. In particular, we will present findings from the first large scale test of an online general population survey, the Cabinet Office Community Life study.

We’ll have video commentary from Matt Kerlogue, Head of Employee Research at the Cabinet Office. Matt has been an internal project adviser on the Community Life Survey, and will explain why the Cabinet Office is commissioning this kind of innovative and experimental research.

  • In addition, we’ll discuss the trend across Europe towards online panels based on representative samples. We’ll draw on the experiences of our international TNS colleagues – involved in the three main European online panels in France, the Netherlands and Germany – to discuss how such a panel would work in the UK.

Our discussant, Patrick Sturgis, Director of the National Centre for Research Methods within the ESRC will share his views on the potential for a high quality UK online panel for the social sciences.

Here’s a preview of the session, and further details are below:

Michelle Harrison, CEO, Kantar Public (Chair)
Joel Williams, Director of Methods, Kantar Public
Matt Kerlogue, Head of Employee Research at the Cabinet Office (by video presentation)
Patrick Sturgis, Professor of Research Methodology, University of Southampton (Discussant)

Morning programme:
8.00am – Light breakfast and refreshments available
8.30am – Presentation followed by a roundtable discussion
10.00am – Continue the conversation over coffee and refreshments.

Kantar Public – 3rd Floor, 6 More London Place, London, UK SE1 2QY
Wednesday, 9th October, 8:30am – 10am

*Spaces are limited, please RSVP* by 27th September.

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