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With the longest continuous heritage of any social research company in Britain, Kantar Public UK (formerly TNS BMRB) has played a leading role in chronicling the changing social, political and business landscape of the UK for over 80 years.

Established in 1933 during a surge of interest in social study, BMRB started as the research arm of advertising agency J. Walter Thompson, which recognised the benefits of increasing its market knowledge by talking to their customers directly. With the advent of the Second World War, BMRB's priorities shifted from observing commercial patterns to examining the period's social problems such as rationing, workforce depletion and wartime communications.

Now part of the global Kantar Public network, we undertake research that underpins decision-making by policy makers across national and local Government at the highest level, and provide knowledge which helps the private and third sectors plan and care for society. We offer market leading research expertise in public service delivery, public communication, public dialogue and engagement, and the collection and collation of national statistics.

The Kantar Public brand represents integrity, quality, methodological innovation and value. Our offer is further distinguished by a top-class infrastructure, our policy expertise, our style of working with our clients and partners, and our specialist centres that draw on links across Kantar and WPP globally. Our ability to create engaging outputs to work across broad numbers of stakeholders, and to support the government’s data transparency agenda, helps us to provide outstanding public value to Whitehall and academia.

In 2013 we celebrated our 80th birthday, and compiled the 80th Anniversary booklet and short film as part of our celebrations. They provide an overview of the trajectory of Kantar Public and thus the history of the social research sector in the UK, which established a blueprint that went on to be adopted around the world. The next chapter, still to be written, is the launch of Kantar Public. We hope you enjoy it.


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