Food is an incredibly complicated issue – but also one that is highly personal, emotive and social. Everyone eats, and everyone needs to make daily decisions about how they will use the time and money they have to buy, prepare and consume the food that will sustain and nourish them.

On behalf of the Food Standards Agency, Kantar Public conducted a mixed methods research project including both quantitative and qualitative scoping exercises, culminating in a series of reconvened deliberative workshop events with members of the public across the UK.

This work was designed to understand the key consumer concerns, aspirations and values which characterise their current relationships with food – and to understand their priorities for how Our Food Future develops. Ultimately, the report seeks to ensure that the public’s voice is included in ongoing decision making about Our Food Future.

The report of findings from this project will be published alongside the Food Standards Agency’s Our Food Future Summit, which will take place on the 18th February. The Summit will bring together 200 experts to discuss the future of food, and the potential implications for the public – as well as the implications of the findings from Kantar Public’s report.

The Summit will be broadcast live, and the public will be able to ask questions and feed in comments as it happens via a webcast hosted by the FSA